Yakutian Laika – active, courageous, moving and curious dog, it has friendly and easygoing temper, it is a very communicative dog.  Yakutian Laika took part in creating of the breed “Siberian Husky”. Husky have blue eyes from Yakutian Laika.
These dogs combine in itselves incompatible qualities. They need to forget their hunting qualities for successful driving, but at the same time, they must protect their owner from predators and help him with hunting. For native Yakuts their dogs are not pets, they are the family members. It`s impossible to survive without them. Various uses of the Yakutian Laika in all that has accompanied our everyday life for many centuries,for example, hunting, home protection, herding responsibilities and using it as a vehicle, undoubtedly distinguish it from all the other existing breeds.

These dogs are for home protection, for hunting, for mushing or like a friend.

Siberian Husky are the dogs with free and independent temper. These dogs demand of the strong dominant personality. Husky are very friendly and kind to people and dogs but their primitive qualities can give a push them to run for a cat or for some other animals. The owner must train very seriously to control it in any situations. It will be very difficult  to achieve it that’s why it`s necessary to be more persistent. Husky can live with any numbers of people. It`s very important to walk for a long time with it. This  breed is very active that’s why it`s necessary to give them o lot of physical punishment. Without it the dog will be disobedient and will be chicky.

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