About us

Welcome to all lovers of the breeds “Siberian husky” and “Yakutian Laika”

Our first dog of the breed “Siberian husky” was appeared in 2006. It`s impossible to have just one dog of this breed. At first, we left  the girl from our first dog Breeze, and then we decided to go to Moscow for a girl  in the breed kennel “Akulova Gora”… but  we couldn’t choose, we took  two sisters .

Now we are the breed kennel Snow Breeze in honor of our first dog –  BREEZE ! 

Our dogs have  high exterior qualities. But the show career of any young puppy depends on future owners. We provide puppies with good bone and laid with a show prospect, and the task of the future owner – a proper diet, timely supply of necessary vitamins for wool, for backbone, the development of the physical form of the dog, upbringing and preparation for exhibitions.

“Yakutian Laika” have appeared more recently, in June 2013. Currently, this breed is not famouse. We were attracted by the resemblance to the husky, they are friendly, loyal, and beautiful. These dogs are suitable for hunting and for mushing sports, and for home protection.

As breeders, we work hard for the development and improvement of these breeds.

On our website you can see pictures of our dogs, description of the breeds, which will determine the choice of breed. In addition, you can call us or write to learn more about dogs, book or just to choose a puppy. Provided assistance in rearing our puppies. And, with pleasure, we will monitor the progress of our Pets.

All puppies with a full package of documents, puppy card RKF, vet.passport, branded and vaccinated according to age. If you want, it is possible to conclude the contract of purchase and sale.

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